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Small Business websites with CMS WordPress

The best business card pages only with us!
Do you want your business to grow well? A good business card is the basis!


We will make your website on WordPress system. It is the most popular system in the world designed to build modern websites. It is a CMS system – it has a content management panel. With this system you will be able to edit your website in the future with the mouse (basic knowledge of computer operation is enough). But the biggest advantage of a page on WordPress is a huge repository of add-ons. Thanks to them, you can freely expand your website in the future (e.g. by an online store).

The website you are currently on is also made on WordPress.


Cheap / Fast / Professionally


The price of a page consists of many factors. Is it a big page? Is it a fast page?… Our price results from the content that is delivered by the customer, simplicity in functionality and construction of the site, it is a business card page, so called One Page.


All this is because the entire content of the website is provided by the customer. Thanks to this, our only concern as the creators of the website is its design, construction, hosting and optimization, which results in cheap and fast website construction.


Building a website alone is not enough. Your website must be optimized for the content you are searching for, so that your potential customers can easily find it. It must work quickly so that they don’t give up browsing after 5 seconds. All our pages are optimized for search engines such as Google and speed.


When you decide to buy a website from us, you decide on the page that will contain:

  • Your company’s contact details, contact form and/or chat and a map of the route
  • List and description of services / products that your company offers
  • Information about your company, e.g. the history of its creation, the most important goals, the way it operates, what distinguishes you from the competition, etc.
  • A gallery of photos of your services, products or the realization of your company,
  • The website will also contain other, individualised elements which prove the credibility, reliability and professionalism of your business.

Your business card page, will contain the following features:

  • Intuitive administration panel for editing page content
  • Contact form,
  • Photo Gallery,
  • Slider with photos,
  • Road map,

Features of your website:

  • Technical search optimization (SEO)
  • Optimization for speed,
  • Improved security (firewall, mallwere scanner, dual authentication and more),
  • The website will be responsive – it will display correctly on different types of devices – phone, tablet, computer, and in different browsers such as chrome, safari, firefox




Filling the form / Choosing template
  • Contact us through the form at the end of the page, including the most important information about your company.
  • In response, we will send you all the most important information about building your site and three site templates from which you will choose one on which basis we will build your site
  • After choosing one template, we start building the site

+1000 Templates you can choose from!


Content delivery
  • The next step is for you to provide all the content you want to have on the site and all its subpages
  • After sending the content, it would be best to send photos that present your services well
  • If you don’t have one, you can choose it from a professional photo database that we work with.


Developing your site
  • We build an amazing website for you based on your choices, preferences, content and purpose.
  • We optimize the website for best performance on all devices and browsers.
  • We host your site.
  • We add the remaining details and make the final touches to the page according to your instructions and comments.
  • DONE!

We guarantee full satisfaction with the finished project and when a problem occurs we provide help (for one month after the site is completed).

Simple & Effective

We tested the process of building websites in which fast building of a well optimized and looking website counts,
tailored to the needs and taste of the customer.

Choosing template
From a very large library of page templates, you choose one that you like the most.
Delivering Content
The content that is to be placed on the website and presented to the client is delivered entirely by you.
Building a site
The next step is to build the site on the basis of the chosen template and the content provided.
Last Improvements
The last step – the last touches. After consulting with you, we make last corrections and finalise the project.

Let’s start


Fill in the introductory form, describe your business, write what you expect from your side and what is its purpose. Then wait for an answer from us.

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