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Shopify Migration Services

delivered by experienced Woocommerce and Shopify Developers
for Woocommerce Store Owners

Our mission is to help our clients grow their businesses

 Move your shop to Shopify to delight your customers and improve conversion rates

Migration done by experts.

Perfect result is when you get faster, more user friendly shop that brings more traffic and orders. This is what we want to achieve with migration to Shopify and we are doing it with success.

Here are two examples of our successful migrations.

Seamless Shopify Migration Process

We will follow our proven replatforming process, to migrate your ecommerce website, providing clear informations on each step of this journey.


Our aim at this stage is to learn more about your brand, business, and current store setup. Getting to know of all features you use and hove your customer use them is really important. This is our base for all the next steps.


Based on our discovery and research we will prepare a plan for migration, which will include all the development steps necessary, app expenses, cost, and time frame.


When the plan is accepted we will move to set up Shopify store, apps integrations, and data migration. This process will end with technical SEO and speed optimization.


When everything is up and running we will test all the features and the whole buying process across different devices, to make sure every user will have desired experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that it can be risky to move from one platform to another.
Many things can go wrong, but working with experienced team you can minimize the risk.

Here are some most common questions asked before migration to Shopify.

Is it possible to migrate to Shopify without rank drop?

We believe it is. Important is to copy all the content and metadata. Then set up the same links if possible and redirects 301 where it’s not possible.
Usualy there is a small drop in ranks but it is short in time, and improving fast with faster website which also genates bigger traffic.

Is it possible to migrate to Shopify without closing the shop for maintenance time?

In short – yes. Our process looks like this – we create a development store, style it, and add all possible functionalities, then we are going into password-protected live mode and migrate all the content, products, orders and customers. After testing and making sure everything is ok, we put live store into maintenance, importing missing orders, and setting up Shopify store under your domain and that last part doesn’t take more than a few hours and can be done when most of your clients are sleeping.

Will my shop look the same?

If it should look the same, it will look the same, except the checkout page. But should it look the same? Maybe it should look better? Because this is good opportunity to improve user experience, look and feel of your shop. All options are possible.

Will I have all the functionalities from old shop?

We won’t be able use the same plugins, as on your woocommerce store, but we will be able to use oder one that will do the same tricks, maybe it won’t be necessary to use plugins, but just some small coding instead?:) 

What are benefits from migration?

In short: no more hacked website, no more updates, no more slow website, no more expensive hosting plans, much fewer issues, much more traffic, better search engines ranks, and cheaper scalability.

Why should I choose creadiv.studio for migration

There are many reasons, but most important is that it probably will be less buggy and faster then with competition:) Our goal is to help our customers achieve their goal and this give us satisfaction, but look out , because it is really possible that you will use our other services and we will become business partners for years:)

Transfer your website to Shopify

Start with leaving a short message. We will get back to you with a lot of questions to get to know better your business and store.
In result we will be able to prepare strategy and time/cost estimate for the process.

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